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Swiss One +


These new gold coins are the worthy heirs of the Vreneli.

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Swiss One +

These new gold coins are the worthy heirs of the Vreneli.

Created by the private Swiss company Swiss Bullion Corp Geneva SA, they are already circulating throughout Switzerland. Purer than their ancestors, who have not been minted since 1949, these gold coins are 999.9‰.

The designs were created by the Geneva graphic designer Roger Pfund. On the obverse are inscribed the weight of the coin (in ounces), its title and its origin, and the inscription “Switzerland” is engraved, this in the 4 languages present on Swiss territory.

On the reverse side is engraved the company’s logo: a pentagon with the symbol “Phi” and the words “Swiss Bullion Corp” in a micro-letter structure.

Characteristics of the part :

  • Product : Swiss One +
  • Origin : Suisse
  • Fine gold : 31,10g
  • Weight : 31,10g
  • Fineness : 999.9‰
  • Diameter : 32mm
  • Strike : A partir de 2013
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Swiss Bullion Corp Geneva SA designs, produces and distributes fine precious metal coins and round ingots for investors who recognize the many advantages of owning physical gold as well as for numismatic collectors.

We have a unique innovative anti-counterfeiting system that makes our pieces impossible to reproduce.

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