Avantages et fidélité INVESTIR Recyclez vos métaux précieux

Benefits and loyalty program

Gold Service offers new tools to help you with your investment options. You will also be rewarded for your loyalty, and we adapt our prices according to your order and portfolio.

Your loyalty is rewarded.

Our prices are fixed daily, based on spot price (London Fixing). Therefore, we guarantee the right price for the purchase of your gold assets.

Today we go further with our new website, offering price decreases according to the quantity you order.

Our discounts apply to certain investment products from the tenth item ordered.

Finally, your portfolio will allow you to get 3 different status:

Gold status

Silver status

Rhodium status

Each status also gives you access to a discount on our whole range of investment products in addition to the benefits linked to the quantity ordered.

Our loyal investors are rewarded twice.

Yet another reason why you can trust us!

New tracking tools

Our experts in precious metal trading give you the opportunity to follow spot price and the value of your portfolio on your secured account.

Creating a user account on gold-service.com you can also create alerts in order to be informed in real time when the value of a metal reaches the one you expect.

Finally, we offer other services and tools such as our PostPack service or our storage service.

Do you want to know more about these new tools? Do not hesitate to contact our experts.


Do you want to invest and buy gold or other precious metals?

Our team will advise you according to your budget in order for you to invest in products that meet your expectations: gold and silver coins and ingots, original products for your collections, savings and gifts.

Our products are ‘Swiss made’ certified and available in our offices and on our online shop.


Your order will be delivered free of charge if you choose the ‘delivery to a Gold Service office’ option.

You only need to select one of our 25 offices to collect your products, directly, simply and free of charge.

Looking forward to meeting you,

The Gold Service team.

Benefits and loyalty program

Gold Service does its best to offer increasingly attractive rates, and rewards its customers for their loyalty. The benefits offered on our website will allow you to invest, according to your budget, in top quality products with additional discounts. The tools available allow real-time tracking of your portfolio, and a simple and efficient management of your investment in precious metals.

For any additional question about our benefits and loyalty program, please fill in our online form on the Contact page.