Professionals of the sector

Gold Service works closely with the professionals of the precious metal trading sector. We also work with intermediaries to help them find ‘win-win’ solutions for each party. All the professionals of the sector are guaranteed to work with a reliable brand that has been recognised at the international level for 125 years.

  • Financial managers and intermediaries

If your customers want to invest in gold, contact us. Together, we will find the solution for them.

  • Lawyers and notaries

We can answer questions and help you with estate, inheritance and donation matters linked to precious metals.

  • Jewellers

As jewellery was the very first business of the Bonnet Family, we have a thorough knowledge of the jewellers’ needs, and we have developed a special offer to control refining cost or other overstock issues.

  • Industry

You are an expert in your activity, and you may have to deal with precious metals. We can optimize your precious metal processing thanks to a turnkey service for processing, afining, return rate or rapid payment of your inventory.

Contact us, we will answer your requests rapidly.

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