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Buying and selling gold in Mandelieu

Welcome to our trading office in Mandelieu. Gold Service provides different services, among which buying and selling gold.

Do you want to sell gold or other precious metals?

Our experts in the trade of precious metals are available for any purchase or sale of gold and silver assets.

All our transactions are secured and authenticated by a purchase certificate or a sales draft.

Our assessment and valuation methods are recognised by all market players.

Buying gold in Mandelieu – Gold Service, expert in precious metals

Our prices are set on a daily basis, based on the current gold spot price (London Fixing). Therefore, we guarantee a fair price for any purchase of gold assets.

Do you want to invest and buy gold or other precious metals?

Our team is available to advise you according to your budget, in order for you to be able to invest in products that meet your expectations: gold and silver coins and ingots, original products for your collections, your savings and gifts.

Our products are all ‘Swiss Made’ certified and available in our trading offices or at our online shop.

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A valid ID document will be requested for any transaction.

Minors are not allowed to trade precious metals. Payment is subject to all applicable laws.

Do not hesitate to contact our experts for any question regarding the trade of precious metals or any transaction completed in our trading office.

Looking forward to meeting you,

The Gold Service team