Selling gold in one of our trading offices

Do you want to determine the value of your jewels or gold assets? Do not hesitate to go to one of our 26 trading offices.

Get your gold assets appraised in Switzerland and France

With 25 trading offices in Switzerland and France, Gold Service is never far from you! We are available to provide a free evaluation of your assets and make an offer.

Sell your gold assets near your home

In our trading offices, you may sell all your gold or silver assets (second hand jewels, ingots, coins, silverware, dental or industrial waste, etc.). Our consultants will provide an evaluation of your assets and make an offer based on the market prices (London fixing). You will get paid immediately in accordance wih the law. In our Swiss trading offices, you may choose to get paid in the following currencies: CHF, EUR or USD. We work with certified scales, in accordance with the law, and we respect both environmental and professional ethics.

Our test processes are fully reliable and recognised by professionals from the sector. Our scales are frequently checked to guarantee transparent transactions in accordance with the value of your assets and the precious metals market prices.

To sell gold in a trading office, trust Gold Service as more than 600,000 customers do!

If you don't feel like going out with your jewels...

With Gold Service you may sell your assets from home thanks to our Postpack service.