Investing in precious metals must be combined with storage to secure your assets. Based on our experience and the feedback of numerous customers, we have developed a storage service that meets your needs. Gold Service offerts the option to store your investments:

  • Storage in vaults (in accordance with the Swiss standards of the sector)
  • Insured valuables
  • Accessible on request
  • Outside the banking system (risk of market crash)
  • Allocated storage
  • For a minimum purchase of CHF 5,000.- EUR 5,000.

You will get a personal compartment. Our vaults are secured, insured, and accessible on request.

You will be invoiced every six month, and payment is due in advance. No prorating can be applied. The price for six months is calculated is based on the value of the assets stored. It amounts to 0.45% (Swiss VAT included) for gold assets (Au), platinum assets (Pt), and palladium assets (Pd). It amounts to 0.65% (Swiss VAT included) for silver assets (Ag).

For more details about all our storage solutions, do not hesitate to contact us. Gold Service offers a solution that meets your needs in accordance with the latest security measures. To store your ingots, gold coins or other precious metals, trust our 125-year know-how.

The Gold Service team