About us

Launched by the Swiss Bonnet family, active for more than 125 years in the jewellery and watch businesses, Gold Service is a precious metals trading brand name. Gold Service is located in Switzerland and France with a network of over 25 trading offices, and our know-how and expertise in the trade of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium) are recognised at the international level.


Our main business consists in purchasing gold to either private individuals or professionals. We buy all sorts of precious metals: gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Transactions can be made either in one of our 25 trading offices or via our ‘PostPack’ mail service. Getting wise advice for the sale of your jewels, coins and gold ingots is essential to a successful transaction.


Gold Service also offers a sales service, either in our trading offices or on our online shop. The prices of our investment products proposed on our gold purchasing platform are automatically updated, and all transactions are secured. View our product page: coins, ingots and accessories for your investments or precious metals collections.

Ingots, coins, Vreneli gold coins, Napoleon gold coins, watches, diamonds.

We buy and sell a large range of products to meet your budget. Contact us to find out more.